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Geographic Information System

The City of Salina collects and maintains vast amounts of data about the city and it's infrastructure using a computer mapping system called a Geographic Information System (GIS.) Our GIS allows us to share this data through a series of web-based mapping applications. Our mapping application has been updated and no longer requires the installation of additional software to operate. This upgrade allows the mapping application to work well on the wide variety of internet browsers available on desktop computers, tablets and even smartphones that have internet access.

To get to the Property Mapping application click here: City of Salina Online Map.

If you agree to the terms and conditions the map will open when you click "OK." Once open you can pan and zoom around the map with your mouse and touch screen or find an address using the search box in the upper-left corner. Begin typing an address in the box and hit enter or pick from the list of choices. The map is clickable, if you see a property you want information about, click on it. Turn layers on and off using the layer list. There are print, measure, draw and other tools available. For assistance mail


 Property Mapping (Requires Silverlight)
  New Mapping Site
Property Mapping Link

This web page is being discontinued, please switch to the new page above

The older version of our web mapping application (see link to the left) requires you to install a Microsoft plug-in to your browser called Silverlight and is therefore only available using certain browsers and on certain computers. It will not function on most tablets or smartphones. We encourage you to switch to the new application as soon as possible. At some point in the near future the old mapping application will be withdrawn as we improve the new version.  



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