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Floodplain Information

Update on Flood Plain Remapping Project

Update on Levee Certification

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Other helpful information: 

2004 Bonnie Ridge Addition LOMR  - This Letter of Map Revision was issued in 2004 and took the Bonnie Ridge Addition out of the floodplain on the 1986 FEMA map.

City of Salina LOMC Database contains properties listed alphabetically by address for which there are LOMA or LOMR letters or other LOMA related activity history.  This list shows whether or not FEMA has determined if a particular LOMA or LOMR letter will be revalidated.  We will update this list as we receive information from FEMA.

Protest Form - If you are not sure whether or not to submit a protest, please contact us.  You can submit this form via email by clicking "Submit Form" at the top after you have filled it out.

Brochures and Handouts:

FEMA Floodplain Questions
Flood Hazard Mapping Fact Sheet
National Flood Insurance Program
Flood Insurance 101
Saving on Flood Insurance - Grandfathering
Building Permits in the Floodplain
Lender's Handout
FEMA Refund Fact Sheet
Builder's Handout

If your property is located inside the city limits of Salina; contact us at:
City of Salina, Planning Division, 785-309-5720 

If your property is located outside the city limits of Salina, in the unincorporated areas of Saline County, please contact David Neal, Saline County Planning Department, at 785-309-5813.

You may also contact Kansas Department of Agriculture,  for more information about the floodplain in Kansas. 





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